In a bill passed today by the Pennsylvania Game and Fisheries Committee, students may have the option of sticking with their parents health plan.

Senate Bill No. 13 would amend insurance statutes in the Commonwealth that would have insurance carriers  “provide coverage to a child of the insured beyond that specified age, up through the age of 29 …: as long as the person in question is not married, has no dependents and is living or enrolled in Pennsylvania.

According to census information, more than 11 percent of Pennsylvanians live without health insurance coverage of any kind. That is below the national average of 15.9 percent uninsured.

The bill would also authorize penalties to be levied against any insurance provider or agency that fails to abide by these new guidelines. Punishments include fines, suspension of insurance licenses and the ability of the person denied to sue the carrier.

The bill passed unanimously, with one senator not available to vote. If passed by the full Senate and the House, the bill would take effect in 60 days.

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Senate Bill No. 13 Full Text

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