Britain’s Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has ordered a new autopsy on Ian Tomlinson, the 47 year old newspaper seller who died during the protests against the G20 in London.

The police watchdog group decided to conduct its own  investigation after reviewing a police assault video published in the  online British newspaper Guardian- which shows the man violently pushed to the shoulders and  struck by an agent with a truncheon while he falls to the ground.

“This video clearly shows an attack caused by a police officer against a passer by. There should be an inquiry across the board,” said David Howarth, a spokesman for the Justice of the opposition Liberal Democrats.

The IPCC Independent Police Complaints Commission, which works to check the cases where there are allegations involving police officers, said that it will examine the video as part of investigations of the accident.

The footage shows Tomlinson, walking  with his hands in his pocket before the agents.  The man seems completely unrelated to scuffles — in the meanwhile more scuffles flare in the City. The passer by is then hurled to the ground by a security agent, presumably, without any reason. Shortly after the man died in cardiac arrest.

The new footage obtained by Channel 4 News

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