It has recently been reported that a new study that is being carried out in Australia is aiming to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people that live near to asbestos mines, where they are at increased risk of exposure to the potentially deadly carcinogenic.

One industry experts has expressed concerns that the media is taking attention off important messages with regards to asbestos awareness by focussing too much on compensation and lawsuits relating to asbestos related issues. The study is being carried out jointly by Queensland’s James Cook University and the Bulgarr Ngaru medical center in Grafton.

Those involved in the study want Aboriginal people that live near to asbestos mines and who may have been exposed to asbestos to be more aware of the health risks and to take action to protect themselves against these health risks.

The study has also confirmed that exposure to asbestos and smoking is a deadly combination, stating: Whilst it is true to say if you have been exposed to asbestos you’ve got a bigger risk of lung cancer and scaring on the lungs, but in fact the real problem is that in combination with smoking, it’s many, many more times likely to get lung cancer. So it’s the two together which are the deadly combo.”

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