David Schussler
This is a quote attributed to Barry Goldwater Jr. because that is where I heard it last week. The statement was from Mr. Goldwater, as part of a TV interview, in reference to the economic breakdown of our nation now ensuing. I believe it to be right on the money.

Now I’ve had a lot of dogs and some of them were trained not to go on the table and/or not to eat until commanded so, and they did well but let me tell you. Not one of them wouldn’t steal that food off of the table if they were left unwatched or long enough to get real hungry. Such is the case with a money hungry congress.

Whoever becomes the next president of our nation must help us to retain our own money and keep it out of the control of the congress. Why should we ever believe that our elected representatives know better how to spend our money than we do? We hear repeatedly that income taxes, license fees, tolls, sales taxes, and many other duns are for the benefit of the people. All intended to get our money that most of us have worked hard to earn. That money pays for those beautiful buildings in Washington, the fancy meals for our representatives, those millions of government employees, and much more to the tune of trillions of dollars while we eat baloney sandwiches and patch our pants.

Whatever made us give up watching the dogs has careened into an out of control government and economy. If there is one thing we can do this election cycle, it is to at least vote for the candidates who are for less taxes, smaller government, elimination of entitlement programs and non-essential spending.

Why tempt the dogs by even putting all that money on the table?

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