Little Nevaeh (which spells heaven backwards) Buchanan was only five years old. She was outside playing on her scooter at the Charlotte Arms apartments where she lived in Monroe Michigan when she disappeared on May 24th.

Thursday a little body was found and they have been identified that of a child and the police feel that it is possible that it is the body of little Nevaeh. The family expects to find out for sure today or tomorrow. An autopsy has been performed on her but there have been no results of that released yet.

Police claim that there are two men listed as persons of interest which are already behind bars on unrelated charges but no one has been arrested so far.

Jennifer Buchanan , who is the mother of Nevaeh, told a Detroit TV Station that she is still holding on to the hopes that the child found is not Nevaeh. “I still have hope. There is no indefinite, like confirmation, as to if it is her or not. Someone could have took her. Somebody… I’m completely clueless, I don’t know as to who, I don’t want to point fingers at anyone.” Buchanan is requesting to keep her face out of the cameras now.

Jennifer Buchanan expressed to the Detroit Feel Press that she didn’t have anything to do with her daughter’s disappearance. Her mother, Sherry Buchanan gained custody of little Nevaeh when Jennifer was found guilty of breaking into homes to support her drug habit. She lived there in Monroe with her mother and Nevaeh in their apartment.

A body was found by fisherman. Someone had put the child there in a concrete covered grave on the banks of a Michigan river. The child found was said to be of the same gender, age and about the same size as Nevaeh was. She was also wearing a shirt that looked like the one Nevaeh was reportedly wearing when she was playing on her scooter in the parking lot of their apartment complex the day she disappeared.

When speaking of whoever did this, Diana Lawson, Nevaeh’s aunt said, “I hope and pray to God that they never rest and be able to sleep without seeing her face. That child didn’t deserve that. That child didn’t deserve anything.” She says that the persons of interest that the police have questioned should suffer if they had anything to do with Nevaeh’s disappearance or death. “I can’t say they did it… but if they did, I hope they are punished,” she said. “I hope they suffer like that little girl.”

Funeral arrangements have been delayed until identification of the child is official according to the girl’s grandmother. Jennifer Buchanan said she was overwhelmed by several days of uncertainty. She does want to see her daughter one more time though, no matter what.

How many more children are going to lose their lives to these sick people? What harm could this little 5 year old girl have been to anyone? What kind of a threat could she have been to someone that they felt the need to kill her?

I hope the person or persons that did this pay dearly for what they have done. I hope they are caught and tortured. They should be thrown in a shallow grave alive and covered with cement too and see what it is like. Let them beg for their life to be spared. I seriously doubt anyone would argue with me that this is happening way too often and something needs to be done. Stricter laws? Stricter punishments? What will it take?

I say no more of this slapping on the wrist and letting them out of prison for good behavior after a few years, cutting their sentence down. I say throw away the key once they are convicted. Don’t let them back out on the streets. None of this crap about wearing an ankle bracelet so they can be watched. There are so many ways of getting out of that. It isn’t good enough. Keep them in prison with absolutely NO chance of getting out. Deny any parole hearings. Don’t give them a second chance. Don’t give them luxuries once behind bars either. Why do they have the right to have the best meals or the store to buy things like candy and chips and clothes? Why do they need all that while in prison? Take their days and nights of freedom away from them forever.

These days someone in prison have it better than a lot of people I have seen on the streets. They get their three meals a day, shower, and their TV and activity time. They always have a bed to sleep in and a roof over their head. And these are the people that killed someone else. Homeless people that have done nothing wrong but get caught up in the depression of today’s world and end up losing their jobs and homes and have nothing left. A lot of them have done NOTHING to deserve being on the streets to live. Yet someone can go and kill someone and given life in prison, and have the life that a lot of homeless people would love to have.

I pray that one day someone will make new laws. Let’s stop worrying about what other countries have going on with them and start worrying about what is going on in our own country or in our own home town or in someone’s neighbor’s yards. Americans need to step back and look at what is happening around us. To kill an adult is bad enough but my God, to kill an innocent child is horrendous. When I heard they had found what they believe to be little 5 year old Nevaeh, I cried. Even if this child ends up not being Nevaeh, it is still someone else’s child.

My heart and my prayers go out to Nevaeh and to her grieving family. In this past year I have become more aware of these kind of cases and the more involved I get the harder it seems to get. Please everyone join me in a prayer for these innocent children. I pray that someone finds an answer soon to save them. God bless each and every one of them.

Jan Barrett

Update June 9, 2009 – The body found Thursday encased in cement near the River Raisin has been positively identified as Nevaeh Buchanan.

The police crime lab used DNA to verify the remains.  

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