“They go wild when they see me coming because they know they are going to have fun,” says professional German ape clown Christina Peters, clearly unaware of what the hell she is talking about.

Germans have this weird thing with zoo animals. And I don’t even want to start discussing the Knut phenomenon. It’s bad enough what they do to their apes and chimps. They take them out for pizza or let them slide down slides in the zoo playground or hire friggin’ clowns to keep them from being bored. I swear they do. Is it any wonder that these poor, tormented creatures try and break out any chance they get?

And that’s probably why Bokito the ape went ape last Friday in Rotterdam. He was raised here at the Berlin Zoo, know what I’m saying? He may have even received “the clown treatment”. They ruined him here, in other words.

And Bokito has a long record of breakout attempts under his belt, too. He managed to escape from his cage on two occasions here in Berlin, one time even going over a three meter high fence to scare the ape you-know-what out of visitors and send their silly asses back to the parking lot. Maybe that’s why they had him transferred to that high-security zoo facility in Rotterdam. They call it The Rock, The Rotterdam Rock.

Didn’t do much good though, right Bokito? Some kid with a clown mask must have ventured just a step too close to his cage last Friday and the rest was history.

Eins, zwei, drei… Lasst die Tiere frei!

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