In a collaboration that can only cause tremors in the movie industry, the higher education research community and student film-makers are collaborating to stage a festival-within-a-festival that showcases student work from the just-ended school year while demonstrating how to use the Internet as a workable delivery medium for video.

The collaborators are Internet2 and the Open Student Television Network (OSTN). The venue is IngenuityFest 2007 at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OH.

For three nights (July 19 through July 21), student film projects will be screened for festival participants. The Internet rather than a film projector, will provide the pixels. Participating institutions include USC, Brown University, Duke University, the Asian Young Filmmakers Forum and the International Film School of Paris as well as work from Cleveland-area schools such as Oberlin College, John Carroll University and the University of Akron. The documentary screening will also feature portions of OSTN’s first ever public service initiative, HBO’s “Addiction.”

Internet2 is a consortium of public and private research institutions that includes businesses, universities and government agencies. Its mission is to advance networking science and demonstrate that science in applications that can be taken over by to the private sector and appear on your desktop or in your living room tomorrow. Many of the researchers are the same folks (or those folks’s protogés) who designed and created the ARPANet that evolved into today’s Internet.

OSTN provides educational, foreign language, news and entertainment content and services over the Internet (IPTV), including the only 24/7 worldwide channel exclusively devoted to student-produced programming. Its content can be viewed on either personal computers or televisions.

IngenuityFest 2007 is four jam-packed days of music, theater, dance, poetry, street performers and films — all transformed in some fashion by technology.

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