A new bill put before the House of Commons in Canada will mean forcing the very few ISPs to stop throttling the speed at which people can use the internet. At the moment Bell and Rogers are the two largest carriers in Canada with a few smaller companies trying to compete – the main problem with that is the smaller companies have to buy their internet provision from either, Rogers or Bell. Can you see the irony?

What is proposed in the bill C-552 is:

legislation that seeks to keep the internet open and free from control by service providers.

“This bill is about fairness to consumers,” said Charlie Angus, the NDP’s digital spokesman, in the House of Commons on Wednesday. “The internet is a critical piece of infrastructure not just for Canada but for the world … this bill protects the innovation agenda of Canada.”

And so it should!

Canadian rely a lot on the internet for many things and what is happening is even if there is a very legitimate exchange of documentation this can be slowed down because the ISP deems it to be illegal transfer. How can this be right in the day and age when we are seeing such speeds as 20Mbps?

It is very obvious that the two monopolies in Canada need breaking up – or at least their hold on the service provider quotient. Simply put there should be one central service provider who sells the franchise to those who wish to provide to the public and business. How they then provide their services to the public is up to them giving the public a freedom where they can change providers if they so wish.

Unfortunately there is no provision in this bill to rectify the need for Broad Band in the rural areas of Canada who are [still] not connected other than with a dial-up service.

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