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Until Nepal’s April movement and the signing of a peace accord between the government and the Maoists, the Shah Dynasty had ruled the country for over two centuries. Now the Maoists have stepped forward into mainstream politics. As the result, the sun is setting on the Shah Dynasty, as the multiparty government and the former rebels have agreed to implement a new constitution on Jan. 15.

The king has already been stripped of most powers. After the implementation of the interim constitution, the king will lose his position as head of state to the prime minister.

Now, The existing Parliament would be dissolved on Jan 15 and immediately be superceded by an interim legislature, which would include 73 seats for Maoist rebels, he said. On the same day, the rebels would begin handing over their weapons at seven main camps set up to lock up their arms and confine thousands of their fighters under UN supervision.

Also on Jan 15, an interim constitution prepared and agreed by government and rebel negotiators would take effect, Mahara said. The temporary charter is to remain until a special assembly to be elected this year can prepare a permanent one. The communists can only join the interim government by giving up their arms.

The first team of UN arms monitors arrived earlier this month, and the next batch is expected to arrive later this week.

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