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The leader of Nepal’s Maoists has declared that the rebel parallel government ruling over large areas of rural Nepal has been disbanded. The move is considered by many as a vital step in the peace process.”As per the agreement reached with the government, our party declares that the people’s governments and people’s courts run by our party in the past have been dissolved from today,” Maoist leader, Prachanda said.

Prachanda had previously said that his party is still open to the objective of making Nepal a communist state.

The BBC’s Charles Haviland in Kathmandu says there will be widespread relief in Nepal at Prachanda’s statement on the dissolving the parallel government.

As part of the peace deal, weapons will be placed in storage. Although, a UN spokesman in Nepal, Ian Martin, told the BBC that weapons could still be accessed.

“The UN has registered 750 of the 6,500 Maoist soldiers and verified their weapons in the camp so far,” said Maoist division commander Samthing Buddha.

He was speaking by telephone from a camp at Chitwan, 200 km southwest of the capital, Kathmandu.

“By Thursday evening, we estimate that as many as 1,500 PLA (People’s Liberation Army) soldiers will be registered,” he said. “Each of our PLA soldiers are distributed a form to fill out their details and are photographed by the UN officials for their records.

“The registration process is going smoothly.” From a second camp at Nawalparasi, another Maoist commander called Pratikchhya told AFP more than 250 former rebels registered with the world body on Thursday.

“Our party wants to request the UN to speed up the registration process, as there are 5,200 PLA personnel in our cantonment site in Nawalparasi,” 100 km southwest of the capital, he said.

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