The U.S economy is about to give birth to the deepest recession since the Great Depression. The memory of which even in this century was so bad the folks in charge decided we would never have another.

Our continued participation in the civil war George began,  Will come to a swift conclusion if for no other reason then it starts to lose money for those who profit from it. We left Vietnam because like a losing stock, when the economy went south the militarily industrial complex decided to refocus on other revenue streams.

The economic downtrend that helped to end Vietnam was a recession in the true sense of the word. What we face in the next year will be the MOTHER of all recessions. What remains of the American middle class will shrink even more while the rich will naturally benefit and complain at the same time.

During the Great Depression F.D.R essentially rewrote the way American political economics worked by creating the modern middle class as a political hammer to keep the rich in line.

Modern neoconservatism was the single ideology the wealthy could think up to play against FDR’s new deal policy which was a generational redistribution of wealth from a very few to the many. It was also a generational goal and giving the devil his due it saw a bountiful harvest in the Presidency of our fearless leader George W. Bush.

To be fair or at least polite the haves and the have more do not I speculate think of themselves as the problem.

Some of the most powerful people were born dirt poor and think of it as fair due for all their hard work. Pity they lack the insight to grasp the reality literally tens of thousands of others had to fail and providence was the dominant hand in their success.

Neoconservatism unlike FDR’s new deal economics is intended to be flawed. The men who created it were of the want to have a controlled economic crash from time to time. 

Those same men were the children of the fellows who were responsible for the Great depression and their great grand children will be as indifferent to the misery and suffering as they were.

Of course when unemployment hovers around 10 or 15% we just might elect a President as ruthless toward the insatiable greed of the wealthy as F.D.R was. In which case the many millions of families sooner then later facing unemployment, foreclosures and food lines will have hope for a better day.    

P.S. Burton

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