BBC July 2, 2008 ” Nelson Mandela  taken off US Terror List”

It may not come as a shock for many readers that Nelson Mandela has been cleared from all allegations about his terrorism. The reason is easy to udnerstand. The media has portrayed him as a hero. It was George Bush who signed the paper clearning Mandela.

The question is who can  be next? Will Bin Laden be the next one to be cleared fromt he list of terrorst by the future  US presidents? One cannot say a flat ” no”. It all depends upon how popular can Bin Laden be in the world as Mandela acheived it. Today Mandela is a popular leader so he cant be a terrorist.

The airthmatic of such equation is simple to solve. If you have become a friend of US and fit into their policies then you are not a threat tot he world peace otherwise you are. Forget Bin laden,  How many countries felt Mandela was a threat to them? Except South AFrica no one! Fighting against racism is not  terrorism. This is the moral of the story. Till 1990 Mandela was in jail for 27 eyars. So when did he  terrify US? Did he go there? The other questiona are what made US agree to clear Nelson Mandel’s name from the list? Was it an ispired move? Then whey was his name still there along with Bin Laden and Mulla Omar etc. till now ?. According to National Public Radio US his name was cleared by the efforts of “Black Congressional Caucas”and not that the US had generated love for him.

Thus if the very same blacks of US are converted to Islam and cvontiune the work for next  two decades, the future  gerneration of America may study  about Bin Laden as a freedom fighter who foguht against Russia and rose for the cause of Palestine. Sound skeptical isn’t it? But wait a minute According to reprots the blacks are swarming into Islam. The optimist view aong the Musims is ” If racist countries can be turned into friends why not anti Islamic states too?

Author Nisaar Yusuf is keen in building bridges between Islam and the west . He can be contacted

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