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X-ray screening raises privacy concerns.

Anyone who ever wanted to be like Superman can now get a glimpse of what having super powers is like, at least the x-ray vision part.  All you have to do is get a job as an airport security screener, and you’re in.  The Transportation Security Administration started testing new backscatter screening machines in Phoenix  last week, and it’s an amazing piece of technology.  It can actually ‘see’ anything a person may have hidden under clothing, and outline it in very clear detail.  It’s caused an uproar of sorts because one of the things under your clothes, obviously, is ‘you’, and it can see that too.

The ACLU [surprise] has jumped all over this, calling the machine a virtual strip search.  Their concern?  Internet porn.  Barry Steinhardt, head of the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Program, is of the opinion that once use of the machines becomes widespread, x-ray images will start popping up all over the internet.

The next time you’re in a line, any line, anywhere, take a look at the people around you.  Do you really want to see these people naked?  Would advertisers pay a website that had the images online?  Maybe they would, if they were selling a diet plan.  If you’re curious enough, and haven’t seen a backscatter image yet, there’s one linked in the full story below.

Full Story: USA Today

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