How I Met Your Mother (3rd head across Harris)By Honey Gillard 

‘How I Met You Mother’ actor Neil Patrick Harris has claimed that his decision to come clean about his homosexuality last year was because he feared that he would be ‘outed’, so-to-speak, by a witch-hunt. 

The 33-year-old actor says that he “sensed” members of the media were getting ready to out him, and he was determined to let his fans know the truth from him before then. 

Harris recounts to talk show host Ellen Degeneres: “There was a little of media scrutiny heading my way. People were starting to ask for stories of other people that may have fooled around with me, and the last thing you want to do is talk about your private life based on scandal.” 

“I’m not a very scandalous person and so I didn’t want to have to respond to some story, whether it was lie or truth – so I just made a statement and sort squashed the fires.” 

Harris has since been delighted with the warm response that he has received from the public. 

He says: “For me that is the greatest ending to the story so far – that nothing really has changed at all. I’m doing nothing different and people aren’t behaving differently towards me. … “ 

“People heard and they’re like ‘Yeah, and?’ That attitude, I think, was great.” 

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Source: Starpulse

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