That’s what some enterprising folks did in Miramar, FL last night. I guess they had left their ATM cards at home, so what they did instead was to steal a Forklift from a nearby construction site. Drive straight through an 8 foot fence, over some bushes, and pick up an ATM machine from the local Bank Of America branch, they then deposited it in the back of a dump truck and drove off.

What is truly amazing was that the entire adventure which took about two minutes was captured in its entirety by a surveillance camera that was mounted right above the ATM. I wonder how long it will be before the video makes it to YouTube?

There is no word as to how much loot was in the ATM at the time but one can surmise that it was in the thousands rather than hundreds of dollars.

It is one thing liberating the ATM from the oppressors at Bank Of America, it is an entirely different thing getting to the green stuff inside. These ATM’s are basically small bank vaults, they won’t be breaking into it with your standard Craftsman Toolkit from Sears. Lets hope they thought this through first.

Simon Barrett

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