Quebec Canada is more well known for its francophone attitude of ‘screw you’ if you don’t speak French than it’s ability to hack computers. Every few years Quebec holds a referendum to remove itself from Canadian rule, the only thing that prevents it from passing is that they don’t let the rest of Canada vote on it! That way Heinz wouldn’t need to put the serving directions on their cans of baked beans in French, no need for the ‘Mode d’ employ’. The savings would be huge!

Quebec though seems to have moved into the new world, and 16 people are in jail, suspected of being involved in a computer spyware/virus scheme. According to press reports The Surete du Quebec and RCMP officers carried out 17 lightning-fast raids in 12 towns and cities across Quebec, including Montreal.

I guess with 17 busts and 16 arrests we can only assume that at least 1 of them was out enjoying a plate of poutine. For those of you not familiar with poutine, this is the only good thing to come out of Quebec in a 100 years. It is French Fry’s, with Cheese Curd, and Gravy on top. It is to die for, you can feel your arteries hardening with every bite.

These Quebec residents did not limit their interest to poutine, they are accused of running a cyber attack on computers in over 100 countries. Essentially they were turning the privately owned computers into what is akin to a Zombie. A computer that you can now control for nefarious purposes. The RCMP are claiming that each of the people arrested were controlling 5000 computers. Of course all of the hardware found  at each location was confiscated as part of the bust. So if nothing else, the RCMP has a whole bunch of new computers to play Solitaire on.
It is great to know that this dangerous gang of Poutine eaters is behind bars. I wonder if I need a French Anti-Virus program? Maybe Le Norton?

Simon Barrett

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