The clock is ticking, Santa is already traveling, but through the wonders of the internet, it is still possible to send that last minute present. An item popped into my inbox an hour ago. And I just have to share it 🙂

There are people that are just very hard to buy for. They either already have three of them, or they would hate the present in the first place. You can duck out of the problem with a Gift Card, but that also is problematic. The amount on the card may be interpreted as how much you care. $20 to one person is a great gift, $20 to another is viewed as an insult. That is the wrong way to act.

If you are scrambling for that last minute gift…. do I have the deal for you…

How does spending 3 days in Texas hunting Wild Hogs sound? Could you imagine the chat around the water cooler?

So Joe, you took a few days off, where did you go?

Oh, nothing much, I went to Texas and hunted wild hogs…bagged a couple of Possums and Armadillos as well!

This opportunity is out there! The fine folks at can get you set up. Of course one has to wonder why just one ‘hog hunting’ in the URL would not be enough? I can only suppose that the person that registered the site had had one too many Wild Hog shots that night, and was seeing double hogs!

hog.jpgThe price for three days of Wild Hog hunting is normally $699, but until midnight today you can snag it for $299. Thats a deal! Well, if Wild Hog hunting is your thing. What a great gift for the nerd in your world. No iPads are required, although a iDependsPad might be handy in case you miss the shot at a 300lb really ticked off, charging Hog aimed in your direction.

Still not convinced? Here is part of the web page:

HOGS:  The hogs range in type from Wild Russian Boar mix (98% of what we shoot), feral, domestic or any combination of the three. The ferociousness of these animals varies throughout any given year or season.  Sizes of hogs also vary, ranging from newborn to mature boar.  The main lodge ranch record hog for this year was over 500 lbs!  The hog densities are  sufficient for the number of hunters present to take their bag limit.  There is no guarantee of the size of hogs you will shoot. ( except package 4 )

If you get bored with Boars, they have another avenue for fun:

VARMINTS: Hunting predators and varmints is an extra activity that is not priced into any package and is provided at no charge.  Varmints include, but are not limited to Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Possum, Armadillo, Racoon, Rabbit, Ringtail Cat.  There are no guarantees of harvest success with any native predator or varmint.  Success is based on conditions such as weather, time of year, breeding cycles, hunter skill (or lack thereof), and of course, luck.

Ya gotta love it! Who wouldn’t love a three day adventure hunting Wild Hogs and Possums?

Simon Barrett

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