News Item:
1800 felons on public payroll in NJ

This, believe it or not, does have its pluses and minuses.

Certain public works departments hire former prison inmates to give them a new start.  As long as these employees stay out of trouble and remain drug free, they get to keep their jobs.  That would be a plus, because with no prospect of employment at all, returning to crime would be the likely alternative.

Certain school districts have convicted felons on their payroll.  That would checked off as a minus.  While there is a law on the books against hiring teachers who used to be drug dealers, there’s nothing legal stopping you from working in a classroom if you have committed murder.  A definate minus.  You can have a drug offense or gun charge on your record and still be a teacher, as long as you weren’t a ‘dealer’.  Too fine a line we think.  Criminal background checks are required by law for any kind of school employment.  So just stay clean before you get hired.  After you have the job, nobody checks on anything, so go out and do whatever you want.

There are police officers who can arrest you, that have prior convictions, and firefighters that have records too.  If, however, a guy keeps me from getting mugged, or yanks me out of a burning building, I probably won’t care, at that moment, what he’s done.  There are employees still working for the Child Protection Agency who were found guilty of theft and drug charges.  Hands?  Class?  A double minus there?  Yep, double minus for sure.

Full Story: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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