The way NDTV is covering the Anti Corruption movement and the way one Mr Sandeep was arguing today  (22nd) around 6.10 pm indicates that NDTV is conspiring with the UPA to divide the support base to Anna Hazare.

Yesterday there was one so called Dalit leader who stated that because there is no reservation for Dalits in the Lokpal Committee he is not in support of the same. Today Mr Sandeep of NDTV was echoing this view.

Mr Abdulla Bukhari also expressed his opposition because the movement is appearing “Patiortic” with Vande Mataram slogans.

Perhaps some of these leaders and opinion makers are forgetting that Corruption has no caste or religion.  It is clear that this is a ploy by the Congress to create an opposition to the movement and NDTV is the media associate. Perhaps Karan Thapar would also jump to this side.

Ms Kiran Bedi recently tweeted and asked that Ms Burka dutt was actively associated with the reporting of agitations in Arab countries but had no time to visit Ramlila Grounds.

We must appreciate Times Now for the dogged support to Anti Corruption agitation. May be Rajdeep Sardesai is still to make up his mind being from Maharashtra.

The media division is now open and this will be an interesting developement to watch.


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