Ah yes. It’s time for the yearly “War on Christmas”. Right wing rhetoric? Well, it’s a way to sell newspapers….

What has changed in the last ten years is that it is now politically correct to ridicule Christian belief.

Yet the latest report is over the top: One NBC Medical Expert named Dr. Snyderman has joined in using a “straw man” arguments to ridicule what they imagine is believed by Christians is the latest fad.

NANCY SNYDERMAN: I don’t like the religion part. I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up.


DONNY DEUTSCH: There you go, no more religion!



JONES: That’s the only reason why – that’s the only reason for me to have the holiday, quite frankly.

SNYDERMAN: No, I don’t like the religion part. I think that’s what makes the holidays so stressful and – I don’t.

Religion makes the holiday worse?

Do you have any empirical evidence that is true? You are supposed to be the medical expert, so I presume you are not just making it up.

Or are you meaning that Christians who celebrate the birth of their savior embarrass those who don’t believe? Getting back at the “christian” girls who ridiculed you in high school maybe? How juvenile. And this is supposed to be from a professional (?!).

Sigh. I’m old enough to remember when Americans were happy to say Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Diwali, Happy St Patrick’s day, or even Norwuz Mubarack. Now, however, it’s not PC for people to celebrate feasts that remind them of the triumph of good over evil if the feast has religious connotations.

Now, Deutch is an advertising specialist who now works on TV, and I suspect Snyderman joined in on the fun of ridiculing Jones not out of dislike of Christianity per se, but because Star Jones was there, and Attorney Jones is an uppity black girl a favorite target on TV for her flamboyant personality and Christian faith.

But my question is this: but why does a trained physician go out of her way to be unprofessional and show religious bigotry?

Snyderman’s biography at Wikipedia says she trained in the Midwest, and later in Pittsburgh, a blue collar town with many ethnic blue collar workers and Afro Americans. Presumably she met Catholic, Orthodox, and various Protestant Christians among her patients. Heck, when I worked in that area, our malls even had decorations for “Russian Christmas”.Her biography also says she worked as a cancer ENT surgeon in Arkansas. Again, I’ve worked near that area, and presume she had many Christians belonging to various small Bible churches, and also is aware of the generous southern culture of Bible Christianity, which is not the same culturally as the ethnic Catholic/Orthodox Christianity of Pittsburgh or New York City.

So what is her excuse? Empathy? No empathy here. Nor cross cultural understanding.

Could I suggest Dr. Snyderman take a course in cross cultural medicine? Indeed, my medical organizations, the AAFP, encourages training in “cultural Proficiency”.

Cultural proficiency is the knowledge, skills, and attitudes and beliefs that enable people to work well with, respond effectively to, and be supportive of people in cross-cultural settings.

We docs work with all sorts of people, and if you look down your nose at your patients, and openly ridicule them instead of understanding what the holiday means to them, you are in the wrong profession.

And, FYI: Christmas is indeed a ‘stressful” holiday for the elderly, those caring for the sick, those whose family is far away, the divorced, the single parents, some in the gay community, the homeless, and those who in today’s economy are out of work.

But religion is part of the answer, not the problem. Christmas reminds you to put things in perspective: That the light shines in darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

So during the Christmas season, many Christian churches sponsor parties, food giveaways, or sponsor groups to visit nursing homes and homeless shelters, giving gifts to those who are forgotten by society. Many churches hold special musical celebrations for the public who cannot afford expensive theatre tickets, to enjoy choir music and classical music for free. And of course, many individual Christian families make sure to invite their single neighbors over to celebrate.

Nor is the generous giving limited to Christians: Indeed, in many cities, Jewish and Muslims doctors/nurses/hospital workers volunteer to work on Christmas day so that their Christian friends can take off to spend the day with their families, to attend church and to feast together.

That idea, the idea that neighbors are happy for their neighbors religious beliefs, even to the extend that they help them to celebrate their feast days, is what America is about.

At least, it is outside the snobbish bubble of the main stream media.


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