I really didn’t think NBC could get any stupider, but I was wrong, they have one more joke to play on us folks in the USA. Just like they did with the Opening Ceremonies they are tape delaying the Closing Ceremonies until 8:30 pm eastern. Oh and of course we here in the US are blocked from the live internet video feed.

I ask the question why? If the rest of the world can see it live, either on TV or on the Internet, why are we being punished? I thought NBC was a US based corporation? Sure I could go through the palaver of playing with proxy servers and twiddling IP addresses, but I don’t have the time nor inclination to spend a couple of hours to do so.

No doubt NBC will dust off the same tired explanation involving people want to see it in prime time, not at 10am on a Sunday Morning. My answer is run the feed live on the internet, then run the tape delay on TV. This is the format that NBC used for the sports events, what makes the opening and closing any different?

It is not about advertising revenue. I watched a number of live events on the internet, I had to suffer through my fair share of adverts.

I seriously think NBC are just mean spirited. My personal view is that while it is impossible to put much spin on an actual sporting event, it is what it is. But a taped delayed ceremony offers the opportunity to ‘edit’ the content and apply spin. That is exactly what NBC did with the opening ceremony. There was an interesting edit of the IOC president Thomas Bach’s

It gives food for thought.

Simon Barrett

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