The PTI today reported that former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh resigned from the Congress and the Rajya Sabha.

A week after attending a BJP rally, K Natwar Singh formally quit the Congress, but the party hit back, branding the former External Affairs Minister as an “opportunist without any principles”. The suspended leader said he has resigned from the primary membership of the party by communicating the decision in a letter yesterday to party chief Sonia Gandhi and that he might also resign from the Rajya Sabha.

The Congress also did not lose an opportunity to take a dig at the BJP for rumors that he might be welcomed into its fold.

The departure is not graceful…..It is disgraceful. Singh got all power and positions because of the Congress…. Those who were talking about secularism against BJP has landed in their net,” AICC Media Department chairman M Veerappa Moily said. Moily said it was for the BJP to decide whether to take on board such “opportunist people without principles”.
Whether there is truth to that rumor it is an undeniable fact that elements within the BJP have hobnobbed with him in the past during parliamentary debates to score debating points against the Manmohan Singh dispensation.

Offstumped had then carried a post on how windbags like Natwar Singh with their fossilized world view had obscured strategic thinking in the nation. Some extracts from that post.

Its 26 days since the 7/11 serial commuter train blasts in Mumbai killed over 200 Indian Citizens. We are now convinced that the Indian response to 7/11 is status quo ante.  If the political wind passing by one foreign minister was not enough now we have the Natwar Singh Manmohan Singh tu-tu main-main dominating public debate. All of this in the Indian Parliament which has all but forgotten the 200 deaths in Mumbai and the changing security environment across the globe.  In a classic display of Manmohan Singh ko gussa kyon aata hai, now we know that it is not over 200 Indian deaths but Manmohan Singh really gets riled when an irrelevant issue becomes a personal affront him. If the Prime Minister had even applied a fraction of this emotion in his reaction to 7/11 the country at large would have taken his government with far more credibility.

To refresh memory this was in August 2006 when Natwar Singh ridiculed Manmohan Singh for never having won an election and being a weak Prime Minister following his suspension from the Congress Party over the Oil for Food scam. The BJP had then created the impression of backing Natwar in the backdrop of leakage of RS Pathak Committee report. The RSS’ MG Vaidya had then taken the BJP to task on this immoral hobnobbing to score a few political points.

Offstumped Bottomline: It is one thing to tactically use windbags like Natwar to score a political point. But to seriously consider admitting someone with questionable morals and an anachronistic world view defies both logic and common political sense. Natwar Singh symbolizes an era gone by and has more in common with the dinosaurs in the Congress Working Committee than with a forward looking BJP. He is best left to fade and be forgotten while his legacy remains fossilized for political historians of another generation to examine and understand all that went wrong with the Congress.

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