There is one sport that is not very popular in Thailand. Because due to the unfavorable weather in Thailand, this sport is popular ice hockey. A type of team sport played on the ice that uses speed and power in playing Ice hockey is a prevalent sport where it is naturally cold, such as Canada, North America, Scandinavia, and Russia. Nowadays, you can play indoors from an artificial ice-skating rink. It is also a sport for amateur athletes in big cities like the city that hosts the National Hockey League (NHL), or professional sports league, has four major leagues: The North American professional sports, and the NHL at the highest level, and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) and the Western Women’s Hockey League (WWHL), which is considered the highest level of women’s ice hockey. It is also the official winter sport of Canada.

Ice hockey is a fun and exciting sport throughout the competition. Athletes need to dress similarly to an American football player. It is a fast-paced sport that has intense play. It is easy to wound up between players. But there is a lot of protection because players have to protect the whole body from head to toe. They need to use a helmet with face protection. The shirt and pants are thick, prevent injury from the puck. Legs will have protective gaiters, Blade-type skates, and puck bat. It is a sport that uses a lot of judges. There are two-line judges, two-goal directors, penalty time directors, a competition note, and a time recorder, so there are eight people in total.

Betting Rules

– If the location has changed from the set, all bets are void

– The game must go for a minimum of 55 minutes.

– For a penalty shootout, the winner is awarded one goal added to the number of goals if the penalty shootout is successful.

– The specified betting period must be completed for bets to be considered valid.

– Period 3 bets do not include either overtime or penalty shootouts.

– If the game starts before the scheduled game, the bets before the game begins are considered valid.

– If bets are placed after the game has begun, they will be considered void. Except placing bets  the best online casino review website   during play.

Ice Hockey bet types

– Handicap: Predict who will win the game during the set time. Overall, the handicap indicated.

– Over / Under: Predict the total number of goals that will be ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ than the number indicated.

– Odd / Even: This predicts the total number of goals scored will be “odd” or “even” in the game/period.

– The team that scores first

– Predict which team will do the first in the game

– If a game is abandoned at any time and a team has scored before the game is

canceled, bets will be considered valid

– If a team has scored at the time of the cancellation, all bets are void.

– The team that scores last

– Predict which team will do the last score in the game.

– If a bet is “canceled,” then all bets are void.

– The team with the highest score during the match.

– If a team scores after three periods of regular play and overtime, All bets will be void.

– No overtime included.


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