As you may or may not know, Germans go gaga over model trains. It has to do with their fascination with technology or the traditional lousy weather they have here (can’t play outside) or their desperate and rather touching search for a perfect world in which they have absolutely everything under complete control (remember world domination?).

Anyhow, now that traditional toy train manufacturers like Märklin are having a hell of a time just turning a profit these days (think PS3, Internet etc.), something has got to give. And it looks like something just did at this year’s International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Germans are also a little kinky, too. When it comes to their buy brand name propecia online model trains, that is. At least now they are, I mean. Model train companies participating in this year’s fair have set up their artificial landscapes with a brand new line of “action figures”, know what I’m sayin’? Action ohne Ende (endless action).

There’s the hot waitress with her apron-and-stockings-and-that’s-about-it, the pole dance ladies, the police raiding a brothel (don’t worry, the cops are clothed) and the “Sexy Lovers in Motion” on-a-red-blanket-having-a-picnic-out-in-the-countryside-somewhere-but-not-eating-right-then motif. They’ve even got a stag doing his stagging down there, for crying out loud.

This certainly gives exhibition hall a whole new meaning. It’s Hall 4A, by the way. Don’t miss it. I mean, well, it worked for me.


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