In an interesting development in Pune, it is reported that Nasscom became a complainant in case of a data theft allegation resulting in the arrest of a head of a BPO. The case pertained to an allegation that the medical history data of a US based company was being stolen and sold to another company. TOI Report

What is noticeable is the fact that the Zonal officer of Nasscom was the complainant though the loss was allegedly suffered by the UK company. Three persons are reportedly arrested and booked under ITA.

It is not clear what sections of ITA 2008 were applied. The arrested have not been granted bail and remanded to Police custody. Under ITA 2008 the sections which apply to such cases should have been considered bailable.

The report in the Press is ambiguous and quotes that a request for investigation was faxed by the UK firm to the Police also.

The incident raises certain issues including what is the role of Nasscom in this episode.

What is the locus standi of Nasscom in making the complaint? How has Nasscom projected its interest in the allegatio. In what capacity they have made the complaint?

Do Police always act on the basis of third party complaints and fax complaints received from abroad?

Why did the Police not grant Bail to the accused as per ITA 2008? What compelling evidence could they clinch?

Why was the beneficiary of the episode not arrested?

I donot like to be supporting a wrong doer. But knowing that Pune Police were involved in the famous mistaken arrest of a Bangalore Techie and keeping him in jail for 50 days, one needs to check if there is proper process followed in this data theft case.

The report in TOI does not provide confidence that it is one of the normal things.

I would like more information from those who know.

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