The headline Last week in New York Newsday regarding The Nassau County Crime Lab Failures is not surprising, given the Department response. Those following the Story noted that the Police Commissioner first responded to the Critical reports by “Transferring the Commanding Officer. This on the surface, appears to be a good first step, however Those familiar with Police procedures and Operations will point out that transferring the Detective Lieutenant “in charge” of the Lab to the Chief of Detectives office is hardly a sign of concern from the Department Brass. Had a gaff of this Magnitude occurred in most other Police agencies, – The Chief of the Division would have “resigned (as Chiefs in New York County and city Departments are actually Captains) and personnel would have been called on the carpet, as they saying goes. An internal investigation should have been launched immediately. The token transfer of a low level middle manager showed the public right away that the agency head, was out of touch, and did not take this seriously. These facts together illustrate a cavalier attitude from the top branch of the Department, making it fully understandable why Warnings from two separate Police Chiefs were not taken seriously or addressed. The only step the County can take now to regain public faith in the Lab, is to accept the resignation of the Commissioner. 

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