A study conducted at the Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, MA reveals that mesothelioma cancer patients who write about their experiences may lessen their pain and agony and improve their quality of life.

Dr. M. Soledad Cepeda led the study which states that patients who spent twenty minutes per week writing about their physical and emotional experiences experienced a decrease in pain and an overall “greater well-being” in the longterm.

The research team believes that it is the “emotional release” that accompanies writing that aids the overall healing process. It also allows the patient to better express their needs to their physician.

There are many benefits to narrative writing. This has been a topic of psychological study for many years.  As there is still no cure for cancer, people including: cancer patients, doctors, oncologists, and scientists are choosing to implement various “alternative” methods of treatment.  Traditional treatments include, surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Today’s innovative treatments can include but not limited to the 3 mentioned earlier as well as virotherapy, multimodal therapy, immunotherapy, clinical trials, etc.  Of course, all of these treatment options are based on the sex, age, the severity/stage of the cancer, and ultimately, the overall health of the patient.

Today’s optionsVarious options include writing, massage, aromatherapy, immunotherapy into their overall treatment plan.

Related article courtesy of MSNBC.com.
For further reading related to the emotional effects of cancer, please visit LIVESTRONG website.




Ashley is a volunteer activist and current medical student. Born in Miami, FL.  Special interest: Medical advances in cancer and helping veterans.

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