Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP Leader Narendra Modi has lead the BJP back to power for the fourth time in what was aptly described by Kapil Sibal as a “phenomenal performance”.

The phenomenal victory amongst other things has an interesting fallout. To better understand this fallout let us examine the prime time discussion on Sahara Samay anchored by Prasun that had Ashish Nandy, Lord Meghnad Desai, Tushar Gandhi and a young film maker (dont recollect his name).

In question after question Prasun was attempting to get his guests to parse the implications of the Modi victory. It was ironical that the only guest who got the implications of the Modi win right was not even an Indian. Lord Meghnad Desai who perhaps has had a first hand experience of Tony Blair’s New Labour experiment showed great intellectual clarity in recognizing the uniqueness of what has happened in Gujarat by not viewing it from the prism of 2002.

In stark contrast were Ashish Nandy and Tushar Gandhi reminding us of all that is anachronistic of the public intellectual in India.

Where they should have seen a strong referendum from the people rejecting Executive Paralysis, overcoming Fragmented Legislatures they saw dangers for Democracy.

Where they should have recognized a latent and fervent public desire for a Strong Executive they saw Autocracy.

Where they should have appreciated a vote against the Culture of Entitlement they saw inequities.

Where they should have heralded the rise of the Spirit of Enterprise they saw non-inclusive growth.

Where they should have credited the overcoming of incumbency without having to resort to populsim they saw polarisation.

It is clear that these public intellectuals are still stuck in the socialist mindset of the 20th Century that thrives on a Culture of Entitlement.

It is also clear that these public intellectuals are so overwhelmed with the pre-Independence era political correctness on political assertion of the Majority faith that they are unable to reconcile themselves to a brand of politics that draws its moral compass from faith while remaining wedded to the separation of Church and State and to Secular Principles of Governance.

Finally it should miss no one how deep in denial these public intellectuals are on the new India of the 21st Century that believes in a Strong Executive, is not burdened with baggage of Political Correctness and thrives on the Spirit of Enterprise.

It is sad that there is a vaccum in the public intelligenstia when it comes to articulating this new India of the 21st Century that is Right of Center in its thinking and it was left to person of Indian Origin Meghnad Desai to come anywhere close to reflecting this new India.

Offstumped Bottomline: The Narendra Modi victory has exposed the Right of Center vaccum in the Intelligenstia and the state of deep denial that the public intellectuals suffer from. Hopefully the blogosphere will fill this vaccum effectively to have a macro impact in the days to come.

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