The CNN-IBN reports that:

Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP leader Narendra Modi walked out of an exclusive interview with Karan Thapar on CNN-IBN’s Devil’s Advocate because he was questioned about Godhra. Narendra Modi walked out of the interview less than five minutes after it started in Gandhinagar on Friday

CNN-IBN carried the transcript of the aborted interview on its site and the reasons for the snub are obvious.

Thapar’s highly confrontational pow-wow modelled on the BBC’s HardTalk has a reputation for playing up electile dysfunctional non-entities like A.B. Bardhan and for manufacturing news where none exists. With a title like “Devil’s Advocate” Thapar does not leave much to imagination on his intentions. Modi was perhaps being extremely charitable to Thapar indulging him in the first place. For Thapar who probably gets a kick out out of throwing whatever he can lay his hands on, this snub must have been extemely disappointing.

So what are the likely political implications here ?

This may actually play to Modi’s hands reinforcing his stereotype of english media and its agenda. But first let us nail CNN-IBN and Thapar’s lie here. Thapar’s peeve as Modi walks out on his interview is that Modi just wont say he regretted the riots.

Well Modi actually did that in a television interview on 25th March 2005.

“whatever happened at Godhra or thereafter was wrong” and “this sort of happening is not good for any  society”

“I am not against Islam. I am against jihad, against terrorism, against cruelty towards anyone.” He went on to say that any Hindu against Islam “is not a true Hindu”.

Well folks the battlelines are clearly drawn with the media playing up the riots again. Offstumped is watching……


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