BJP is not showing a resolve to support the anti corruption movement of Anna. While UPA is trying its own tricks to delay a decision in the Lok Pal bill and using the procedural wrangles to trap Anna Hazare team, BJP is also talking about “Parliamentary Proedures” and supporting the UPA stand.

At this point a doubt occurs as to the readyness of BJP to take up the Anti Corruption crusade of Anna into the Political arena.

If BJP fails to take timely action then UPA would be propping up Aruna Roy brigade along with Mr Bukhari and the Dalit leaders so that the issue will become more and more complicated. Time lost is therefore very critical to the success of the Anti Corruption movement.

Probably Mr Advani lacks the courage to openly support Anna’s LokPal Bill. It is time for Mr Narendra Modi now to step into the national scene by expressing his open support to the Anna Hazare’s draft.


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