Taslima Bibi – an armed band entered the village, assaulted residents and began firing

Rabia Bibi – Widowed with 3 sons and a daughter, refugee for 17 days

Sheikh Qayum Qazi – Killed because he participated in processions and meetings since he wasn’t sure of what would happen to his land

Maqsuda Bibi – refugee

Sheikh Anwar Ali – victim of terror

Mir Akbar Ali – witnessed wife’s rape and two teenage daughters missing

Abdul Hamid – House burnt

Mossamat Akhera Bibi – Raped, 2 teenage daughters missing

Sayam Kazi – Shops wrecked

Sheikh Akram – bullet wound

Sheikh Samad – house burnt down

Rabiul Islam – forced to carry a red flag

Abu Taher – refugee

Sheikh Sufiyan – refugee

Sheikh Jamshed – refugee, home ransacked

Mehroon Bibi – beaten up, hospitalized

Jehnara Bibi – beaten up for not joining a rally

Shamima Begum – beaten up for not joining a rally

Ansura Khatun – Age 16 missing

Mansura Khatun – Age 14 missing

Nuhu Nabi – house ransacked

Bulu Mir – 30 shot fighting for life

Amina Khatun – 7 years old saw her family thrashed and forced out of their home

And we are still counting ……….

No this is not Gujarat in 2002 we are talking Nandigram in 2007.

The untold story of Nandigram is the inordinately large number of Muslim victims who have fallen prey to the CPI-Mafioso.

So when Buddhadeb spoke like a Taliban Warlord that “they have been paid with the same coin” who exactly was he referring to – innocent Muslim women ?

Let us recount what exactly he said

“The people who were ruling Nandigram, do you think they were peaceful people? They were moving without arms? They harassed, killed and evicted our people without arms? Our people were evicted by a group of armed workers of opposition,”


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