In the perverse value system eschewed by Sitaram Yechury the Tehelka that was not is germane for discussion in Parliament but the CPI-Mafioso’s war on the Muslims of Nandigram is not.

So what perverse logic did Yechury offer ?

Nandigram was a state law and order subject

Tehelka however was about state patronage to a communal carnage

a fundamental feature of the Constitution – secularism was violated

It is surprising Mr. Yechury expects to be taken seriously by the people of this nation with such specious logic.

Let us see why Mr. Yechury’s logic is specious

– the majority of the victims in Nandigram were Muslim, a fact highlighted first by Offstumped and since reported by the Pioneer, Telegraph and Indian Express

– the Home Secretary of West Bengal went on record to state that the CPI-Mafioso waged war in Nandigram

– the Station Officer of Nandigram and the SP of Midnapore went on record to state that they were instructed not to interfere

– the Governor, custodian of the constitution in West Bengal, goes on record to state that Nandigram was a war zone

– the Chief Minister of West Bengal Buddhadeb goes on record to confirm that he did not want the state police to act

– the Chief Minister then goes on record to justify that the violence on women and children of Nandigram was “morally and “legally” justified

So you have violence on Minorities while the local law enforcement sits tight in the confines of police stations and the Chief Minister justifies it.

By what perverse application of logic and reason is this not a violation of more than one fundamental feature of the Constitution ?

But then what do you expect from those like Mr. Yechury who have held brief for private militia and terrorirsts.

The more serious crime on the Muslim Victims of Nandigram is the Conspiracy of Silence from the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the many conscience keepers in the media who are outraged selectively.

Much has been said about the BJP’s lack of remorse on the Gujarat riots. But then public memory is notoriously short in India.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee then Prime Minister had the courage and conviction to face the nation in a televised address to atleast go on record to say this

“Whatever the provocation …. The burning alive of people, including women and children, from Godhra to Ahmedabad and other places is a blot on the country’s face.”

Much more has been said in the aftermath of the Tehelka sting that the nation has become immune to human suffering and how could violence on women and children be condoned in the name of religion. But then public memory, is not just notoriously short but is prone to easy manipulation by sensationalism of the Tehelka kind. On 1st May 2002 the Lok Sabha concluded a 16 hours debate on the Gujarat Riots. Here is what the Prime Minister had to say in his reply to the debate

Hindutva should be liberal and not narrow.
He described what he saw in Gujarat during his visit as “madness”.
He lamented the atrocities on women, saying: “Rapists do not feel ashamed and the society does not condemn it. If this disease is not not checked, it will affect our society and culture. This is a new crisis.”

Well that was not all. Mr. Advani, showed courage and conviction to confront the ghosts of Gujarat while in the company of foreign leaders during his visit to UK. He went on record to say

 “What happened in Gujarat is a matter of distress. It is a blot on my government. It is indefensible. I feel sorry that this has happened”.

Even a diehard anti-BJP activist like Mahesh Bhatt went on record to say

“that he was immensely comforted and that muslims must not let the collective cynicism that has descended on the community to drown out the significance of Mr Advani’s apology”. “

Offstumped Bottomline: The argumentative Indians that we are, we can debate to death whether Mr. Advani and Mr. Vajpayee meant what they said on Gujarat riots or whether Mr. Modi did all he could to prevent the riots. These are matters of conscience which cannot be settled by debating facts. However if there is one fact that is beyond debate it is that there never was a “Conspiracy of Silence” on their part like what we are seeing today. The Prime Minister, the Congress President and every other conscience keeper in the media who’s morality is outraged selectively stand guilty of this “Conspiracy of Silence” on the Muslim Victims of Nandigram.

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