Prakash Karat’s defense of his party’s mafioso operation in Nandigram rests on the fiction that Maoists had laid seige to Nandigram.

“How were the Maoists allowed to capture a small territory in a state where there is a legitimate and elected government? The governor, the high court and the central government should think about it.”

A very curious remark by Mr. Karat which strangely leaves out the one agency that is primarily responsible for preventing such a capture – the West Bengal State Government lead by Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

So if the Maoists had indeed captured this territory, where did they disappear ?

For days now nobody from the outside world was able to enter Nandigram. It has been out of bounds for the media, opposition members, activists. Even the CRPF forces were prevented from entering by CPI-M activists, a fact confirmed by the West Bengal police.

So essentially you have this small piece territory that is completely encircled by the CPI-M and the local police who have kept it out of bounds for everyone from the outside world.

Now that the CRPF has entered Nandigram and the CPI-M cadre declared the region “terror free”, Offstumped poses the questin,

Where indeed did the Maoists go ?

Now the official death toll has not even crossed double digits. In fact the only figures the media quotes are in the 2s and 3s. Unless Mr. Karat would like us to believe his fiction that a motley group of 4 or 5 Maoists held forth in Nandigram to terrorise the 1500 CPI-M supporters he claims were uprooted and rendered homeless, where indeed did this army of Maoists go ?

Are the official death toll figures wrong ?

Did the attacking CPI-M cadre kill all the Maoists before dumping their bodies in mass graves ?

Did the Maoists dig holes and bury themselves out of public sight, the underground outlaws that they are ?

If Nandigram is now terror free as the CPI-M cadre claim it to be, did they catch the Maoists and hand them over to the local police ?

How come the only arrests on Nandigram came from Kolkota and not from the battlefield itself ? The only other arrests of course were those of wanted criminals the CPI-M was using in Nandigram.

If indeed an army of Maoists were indeed holed up till last week, they dont show up in the death toll, they dont show up in the arrested so where indeed did these Maoists that Karat is fearing, vanish ?

This leads us friends to the real and troubling question on the state sponsored massacre in Nandigram.

Are these Maoists that Karat keeps referring to actually the many villagers who were driven from their homes to seek shelter in schools and buildings ?

Mr. Karat’s boast in New Delhi was that from Gram Panchayat to the State Assembly his party had an absolute majority. So if his party has such a vice like grip on Administration

why is it that its law enforcement agencies not produced a single Maoist dead or alive who came from the outside into Nandigram to wage war against his party ?

By laying the blame on Maoists Mssrs Karat, Yechury, Jyoti Basu and Buddhadeb have set themselves up for serious trouble here.

Either the Maoists are all dead and buried in mass graves or they never existed.

Which is it ?

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