If there ever was a doubt that the principal communist outfit was nothing more than an organised mafia operation, last week’s events in Nandigram and their aftershocks today in Kolkota should put those doubts to rest. The CPI-M today is perhaps the most lethal of mafia outfits the world over having subverted electoral democracy, to snuff out any semblance of a credible opposition, to usurp power unchallenged. It is today more lethal than its foreign inspiration, the Chinese Communist Party, which atleast is honest and transparent in its intolerance of political opposition. Masquerading as a participant in electoral democracy the CPI-Mafioso has covertly infilitrated every organ of the State in West Bengawith individuals committed to the supremacy of the party’s interests over constitution.

Last week’s events have also blown the cover off the moralising Mafia Bosses who run the CPI-M. While the nonagenarian god father Jyoti Basu perfected the art of passing the buck by questioning the role of the police, the party bosses in New Delhi Karat and Yechury took the art of denial to new heights. The most artful of the lot however was the party boss in West Bengal Biman Bose who excelled at manufacturing fiction with his theories of revenge and maoist threats. The one man who has come out completely stripped of any semblance of authority or integrity is West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. The man who until recently the mainstream media celebrated as “brand buddha”. Well now we know what “brand buddha” stands for – pusillanimous complicity.

The desperation in Nandigram is evident by the utter helplessness of the opposition BUPC which has resorted to bearing arms allegedly supplied by Maoists to battle the CPI-M hit men. The Trinamul Congress is down to issuing empty threats of paralysing the state idefinitely. Its chief Mamata Bannerjee has practically exhausted what little political capital she had with her hunger strike last year from which she had to ultimately capitulate. So inconsequential the Trinamul’s political threat to the CPI-M that Mamata who has been blocked from entering Nandigram had to pillion ride on a motorbike. A motley group of far left activists and ideologues ranging from the tireless Medha Patkar to the erudite Mahasveta Devi have been registering their protest in Kolkota but the only one listening seems to be the Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi. Adding glamor to the token protests in Kolkota are a bunch of film personalities from Aparna Sen to Moushumi Chatterjee but not having much of an effect.

The Congress in the Center is playing Nero while Nandigram burns with deafening silence from lame duck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the sphinx Sonia Gandhi. While gutless wonder Shivraj Patil has been playing second fiddle to Buddha sending in a unit of the CRPF the National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan ensured official corroboration to Biman Bose’ fiction of Maoist activity in Nandigram. The only token protest from the Congress came from Priyaranjan Dasmunshi. Pranab Mukherjee please to be left alone on national television were the highlight of the Congress’ complicity to the tragedy in Nandigram.

Barring the BJP none of the major political parties have even voiced concern. The print media has been deafingly silent with the Diwali holiday season as a convenient excuse. Of the 24×7 news channels, Sahara Samay seems to be the only one with a semblance of activisim in following this story but it too had to live with interviewing a desparate Medha in Kolkota, Nandigram being out of bounds.The media blackout on Nandigram is in stark contrast to the activism with which the media covered events in Gujarat and elsewhere. The sanctimonious TV Today channels Aaj Tak and Headlines Today were back to their usual coverage of cricket, bollywood gossip and other baldergash. NDTV’s headliners with references to “Maoist Threat” were more reflective of the CPI-M’s spin than on reality. At the time of writing this post over at the CNN-IBN the husband wife duo Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghosh were nowhere to be seen with op-eds that they so routinely come up with expressing moral outrage and sanctimony.

The internet world has been surprisingly quiet as well unlike in the case of Mumbai Blasts and when rains had Mumbai marooned.

Why are we not seeing any bloggers reporting directly from the war zone in Nandigram ?

How come no YouTube videos giving a blow by blow account of the events in Nandigram ?

In this day and age one would have expected a flood of stories with citizen videos to hit the internet calling the CPI-M’s bluff.

It perhaps is a sign of the information culture that has come to pervade in communist ruled West Bengal.

One has to conclude that there is a cyber curtain in Bengal and it has enveloped Nandigram into the Dark Age of Information.

Offstumped is calling out to those with Internet Access in Nandigram to step up and fill the gaping void left by the media blackout in Nandigram.

The rest of India needs to see and hear what happened in Nandigram.


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