A man in El Cerrito, CA was arrested last week on charges of possible parole violations, indecent exposure and carrying a concealed weapon. The man, John Sheehan, 33, was found by police laying naked on a stump masturbating and was originally only going to be charged with indecent exposure until police asked him if he had anything on his body that the police should know about. Sheehan, who was released from state prison on parole last week, told them that he had a six inch awl (ice pick), which was wrapped in electrical tape, inserted in his rectum which was removed at the scene without incident and he was given an additional charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

“You can’t get much more concealed than that,” said the officer who arrested Sheehan, El Cerrito Detective Cpl. Don Horgan. “When you’re talking about an awl or an ice pick and you’re dealing with somebody who’s fresh out of prison, it’s a weapon. That’s a stabbing instrument,”

Details are sketchy at the time of writing on what Sheehan was originally in prison for, what the details of his parole were and if he even had a lawyer at the time of arrest.

‘You can’t get much more concealed than that’
Police arrest naked man after he allegedly said he had a tool in his rectum (MSNBC)

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