Whenever the EU bureaucracy revolts (and it has always been revolting, of course), it tries to be more revolting than it was the last time. And this time it has gotten just about as revolting as it can get. Germany’s European commissioner, Günter Verheugen is now facing calls to resign after photographs showing him naked on the beach with his girlfriend (no she’s not, yes she is etc.) chief of staff were “obtained” by a German magazine.

Sources at Focus, where a small army of lawyers is currently debating whether to publish six photographs of Verheugen and his chief of staff which could breach Germany’s strict privacy laws, say that these photos are so revolting that they are almost too revolting for even their magazine to publish and that one of them actually shows Verheugen on the beach in Lithuania wearing nothing but a white baseball cap. And this guy doesn’t even play baseball. Well, certainly not hardball.

Of course the really revolting part has to do with what Verheugen has been trying to accomplish at the EU these past few months and years. “There is a view that the more regulations you have, the more rules you have, the more Europe you have,” Verheugen recently said. “I don’t share that view.”

He has made no secret of the fact that he is on a drive to simplify EU laws and old ways of thinking and that his fight against bureaucracy keeps falling behind schedule because bureaucrats inside the Brussels-based monstrosity, who technically work for him, continually obstruct his campaign to streamline the organization. Now is that revolting or what?

And although I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here I’m going to do so anyway and suggest that this is simply a well-planned “palace revolt” kind of revolt. Bah, pfui (how revolting)! The forces that be are the forces that is and they want to keep it that way. And now that they’ve fed the media machine with what it needs to help them put pressure on this pest, this Störenfried (trouble maker), they can finally get him to leave and get back to business as usual. 

You can leave your hat on. That way you won’t forget to take it when you go.

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