The annual NAB Show is happening in Vegas April 11 – 17, this is the big trade show for the entertainment and broadcasting insiders. You won’t find any iPhone knockoffs, but you will find the very latest gear for the broadcasting world. It is estimated that $50 billion will be generated in sales as a result of this show.

Today’s technology in broadcasting and entertainment increasingly relies on computers at the heart of the system, in fact when you look at almost every element of the equipment a computer is at the heart of it. It may not be easily recognized, it likely won’t have a keyboard and mouse, and it likely is not running MS Windows. If you saw it, you probably would not even recognize it as a computer. For many applications it is just a boring tiny little black thing called a chip, mounted on an equally boring green circuit board.

However, when you get into image or music processing you need a little more oomph. While Intel may have the greater market share when you talk Desktop Computers, AMD are the kings of the music world. And their chief evangelist is Charlie Boswell. Charlie runs as fast as his 64 bit processor! He is going to be at NAB, and if you have the chance to meet him, go for it! His official title at AMD is  Director of Media and Entertainment, his unofficial title (I invented it), is Vice President Of Enthusiasm! I had the opportunity to interview Charlie last year, and I can honestly say that I needed to lay down afterwards, I was exhausted! In the space of 30 minutes he covered more topics than are in the ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’.

I have a second bite at Charlie on Friday, which I am looking forward to. I don’t think Charlie will take offense if I call him slightly eccentric, after all, I call myself very eccentric. Anyway, on Friday we are going to be discussing Charlie’s theories concerning  ‘Global Nerding & The Autistic Planet’.

“While Al Gore trots around the globe talking about chemistry and melting glaciers, Boswell unveils a more devastating planetary trend he calls “Global Nerding”. The autistic is being cultivated and favored by the macro economics of the computer industry and results are tangible and devastating. The art of human expression is being limited by the technocracy not enhanced as Boswell suggests in his Aesthetic Uncertainty Principle. In the aggregate, the current technology culture is medically incapable of empathy with the consumer and Boswell directly relates that to mind blindness or the single unifying characteristic of all forms of autism. Boswell shows research that engineers form the world’s largest functioning body of professionals that have a classified development disorder – autism or Asperger.” “High technology has been my Galapagos” says Boswell.”

I like Charlie, he is a wild card, and I anticipate that the interview on Friday will be worth reading. I will have my list of prepared questions, and I will bet I don’t make it to question number 2.  He is one of those guys that you just cannot steer in a particular direction. And maybe that is a good thing. Joining together the dynamic and creative music/video world to the boring and complex computer world requires some special talents.

Simon Barrett

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