Tom Fragala at MyTruston wrote an interesting post about the two most important things to do during the season to avoid having a grinch (identity thief) ruin it for you.

From the MyTruston blog:

There are a lot of lists about identity theft flying around this time of year. 12 tips of Christmas, top 10 ways to protect yourself from identity theft…that kind of thing.

Well, to save you time and keep things simple (less is better), I am going to boil it all down to two tips that most of you probably already do. But please, make sure you are diligent in keeping up on these.

Can you guess what they are? In case you aren’t sure, I’ve provided a link so you can see if you were right.

MyTruston, the first identity service that doesn’t require that you compromise your personal information is growing, also. Yesterday, they announced a partnership with Trend Micro Systems, a leading provider of security software.

MyTruston is offering their identity theft service on a free 90 day trial if you purchase a gift card from Trend Micro Systems. The gift card also offers a nice discount on their much talked about software.

The nice thing about the free trial period is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel the deal and having your credit card “crammed” with recurring charges.

I’m frequently amazed at who some of the companies are that employ this marketing practice (cramming).

Another nice thing about the MyTruston service is that the prevention part of the service has always been free and you only pay for the recovery services.

If you were to shop around, I think you would find it is the best value in the growing field of paid identity theft protection services.

And when spending your hard earned money, it always pays to check around.

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