MySpace Suicide Story of Megan Meier May Prompt Discussion

Do Teens Know How Many Fake Characters Inhabit the Internet?

What Can be Done
The tragedy of the “MySpace Suicide” of Megan Meiers could prevent others like it from occurring in the future. As news of the tragic story spreads across the nation, perhaps an event calamitous for one family may be an opportunity for others.

Upon reading the story, it’s hard to come away feeling anything other than shock, disbelief, outrage or sadness.

13-year-old Megan was the object of mean attacks on the popular Internet site MySpace by, what she thought was, an attractive boy, “Josh”, she’d taken a liking to. Others on the site joined in.

The attacks caused the depression-suffering girl to hang herself.

It was later learned that the attacks came not from the boy, who proved to be a fictitious creation, but from adults who lived down the street from Megan.

All this took place eventhough, from all accounts, Megan’s mom monitored her Internet use in every way possible. Monitored it much more than most parents, in fact.

How could this story prevent others like it from happening?


Do you have a teen? Do you watch “Jerry Springer”?

Judge Judy?


Turn off the TV, have them sit down and give them a copy of this story. If they haven’t already heard about it, have them read it. They will probably wonder what’s up at this point.

Did the news of their adventures in science class somehow reach home?

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MySpace Suicide: Megan Meier’s Story May Prevent Others 


MySpace Suicide: Megan Meier’s Story May Prevent Others

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