Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist Posed in her Underwear for her MySpace Page

Some of the Town’s Citizens Were Not Impressed

MySpace Mayor now Fights Off Recall Effort

“I’m not going to change who I am. There’s a lot of officials that have a personal life, and you have people in this community who have nothing better to do than scrape up stuff like this.”

–Arlington, OR Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist

Curvaceous MySpace Mayor, Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, now has her MySpace page set to “private”, but the casual searcher can still see that the Arlington, OR Mayor describes her mood as “silly”.

The townspeople who are leading the charge for her recall are a little more subdued.

And anyone can still see that the Mayor was logged in yesterday, a few days after her provocative MySpace pictures hit the public airwaves. Her MySpace account had already been set to “Private” by then, but not before someone had tipped off the local TV station, KATU, to the MySpace Mayor’s photo shoot alongside the Arlington town firetruck.

Kontur-Gronquist also doubles as the fire department’s executive secretary.

So, she’s in the clear–she probably gave herself permission to use the Arlington firewagon for the “Mayors Gone Wild” backdrop.

Be that as it may, the town’s annual meeting was this past Wednesday night.

Some citizens campaigned for the Mayor’s recall. From all reports, she seemed as calm at the town meeting before the citizens who had gathered to voice their concerns.What does the Mayor say was her reason for posing on the town’s firetruck?

Did she have one?

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MySpace Mayor Poses in Underwear on Town Firetruck 


MySpace Mayor Poses in Underwear on Town Firetruck

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