The Citizens of Arlington, OR have Spoken

Carmen Kontur-Gronquist is no Longer Mayor

Mayor Stripped to Underwear for MySpace, Town Stripped the Mayor of Her Job

Will the MySpace Mayor Ride Quietly into the Sunset?

The most famous underwear in small-town mayoral politics has surfaced–so to speak–again.

This time, it has cost Carmen Kontur-Gronquist her job as Arlington, OR mayor.

DBKP has been reporting on the curveous mayor since her sexy MySpace photos were passed around Arlington and she ran into trouble last month.

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More on the adventures of the MySpace Mayor, Carmen Kontur-Gronquist and her battle to hang onto her job as the her town battled to hang onto its dignity.

The stories include videos and pictures of Arlington’s racy mayor and her adventures after she used the town’s firetruck for a photo shoot for her MySpace page.

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February 26, 2008
* MySpace Mayor Loses Job after Losing all her Clothes but her Underwear

As we reported yesterday, Kontur-Gronquist, is now looking for work.

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From yesterday’s story:

First, she stripped down to her bra and panties for pictures on the town’s firetruck for her MySpace page.

Then, the town of Arlington, OR stripped Carmen Kontur-Gronquist of her job as mayor.

Voters in Arlington, population about 500, voted narrowly on Monday night to recall Carmen Kontur-Gronquist.

The tally was reportedly 142-139. City officials said the recall is effective Tuesday and at that time, the mayor will be looking for work.

We try to contact the mayor. How did that work out?

Read rest of story:

MySpace Mayor: Carmen Kontur-Gronquist Loses Job Over Underwear Pix


MySpace Mayor: Carmen Kontur-Gronquist Loses Job Over Underwear Pix

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