The crisis in Burma (or Myanmar as renamed by the military junta) is getting worse by the hour.
The military junta has cut off internet links to the outside world as amateur videos and pictures flooded the internet showing brutal repression by the military authorities since the crackdown started.
What are the chances of military regime giving up power?
The answer in my opinion is: no chance at all
yes, unless the UN security council passes a resolution that it will bomb the military installations of the junta unless it leaves the people of Burma alone.
But that is not likely to happen as China, Russia,India and many other smaller players have an eye on Burma’s energy resources – oil and off-shore gas fields. These countries will not take any steps that will jeopardize their economic relations with the regime. And the regime knows this very well.
So this will probably be another business as usual crackdown on the monks and populace of Burma.

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