The stories coming out of Myanmar (Burma) are just getting worse and worse. The death toll from last weekends cyclone is now over 22,000, and informed sources are claiming that it could rise significantly. The top U.S. diplomat in the country has said the toll could top 100,000.

While it is sad that so many lives have been lost, the repressive regime running Myanmar seem to be doing little for the survivors. They, so far, have shunned international aid. Food, and much needed medical supplies are tied up in needless red tape.

It is one thing to cut yourself off from the rest of the world to protect your ‘turf’, but it is inhuman to watch your citizens die through lack of food and medical assistance. Maybe we should pull out of Iraq and invade Burma, I think we would get a warm welcome from everyone except the ruling Junta.

Blogger News Network has a writer in Myanmar, we have not heard from him since the cyclone, and our hopes and prayers go out to him and his family. I can not publish his name, he risks his liberty and likely his life by publishing his articles that are critical of the repressive government.

There are occasions when the situation is so dire, that you must allow people to help, and the situation in Myanmar is just that. According to a CNN report

“Myanmar’s cyclone survivors have insufficient fuel to burn the rotting corpses of the dead as the country’s military junta continues to block access for aid groups”

It is time for action, 22,000 dead is enough, how many more must die before we act?

Simon Barrett

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