The elections are over. The Democrats will have more power in making the decisions of our government, but I am amazed that the Republicans still control most of the South. I grew up in South Carolina and know the South is filed with hard-working individuals who live paycheck by paycheck. Research has shown that the level of education is lowest in the South. Immigrants are flooding in. Jobs are slowly diminishing for those who have given the South their whole life. But why are the majority of Southerners following the lead of the Republicans? Is it because of the old Southern charm of the President? I wish I knew. I try to talk to my family in the South about politics, but my comments fall on deaf ears. Did the Republicans recently start looking out for the poor? Is it because of previous tax cuts (which were basically a payoff to look the other way)? Both parties have their own internal issues. But before the election the incumbents had a chance to show what they could do and they fell short. Yet in the South, these politicians were re-elected. Did I miss something? Is life picture-perfect in the South? Do they still believe Iraq was behind 9/11? If so, do they get cable? Or, are they still informed by gathering around the radio to get their news? The future of our country is a serious issue, and I am not willing to base my vote on appearances. The good old Southern boy is a farce. Try a rich college kid who really never had a regular job before getting into government. That is who the people in the South are following. Maybe they don’t realize that his opponent in the past election was a military veteran who served in Vietnam. He spoke up about the misdoings during the war and held accountable the soldiers who went too far. What if no one had told us about the prisons in Iraq? There would still be American soldiers out there doing horrible acts. We need people who are not scared to tell us the truth. Maybe the real story is that the whole South is afraid of gay marriage. But, honestly, who cares. Does it affect you personally? You think that if you are against the issue, it will go away. Well, the truth is that there are gay people among us, and they are not going anywhere. They deserve to be happy, just as we are. Do I agree with their choices? No, but their lifestyle doesn’t affect mine. I hope my Southern friends and family members wake up and and realize that the Republican party isn’t out to help them in any way. So, instead of picking up the TV Guide and looking to see when the next episode of “Texas Walker” is coming on, pick up a book or a newspaper and get informed. Trust me when I say education is power. We all need to learn a little more about the realities of our country. Do not be afraid to disagree with the norm. Instead be proud, stand up and shout “I disagree with that.” I hope you don’t look at this commentary as an attack because it is not. I am a Southern boy who finally got his blinders off and now sees what is going on. Just take a second and look for yourself. Ask the difficult questions! If you want change you have to change too. It will never be like it was “back in the day.” Promise. ——————————————————————————–

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