We are the Guardians

by Doyle F. Wheeler SDPD Lt. retired

Go to rest my young brothers, and sister, your watch ended far too early. You were the guardians that watched over those too weak to protect themselves.
You were the guardians that stood watch and kept evil at bay.

Know that from this day forward it’s our turn to watch over you until that day God reunites us all.

May God Bless and keep your families safe and help them recover from your loss, no full well they will love you until you’re reunited.

May God watch over your comrades while they stand as guardians against those that would victimize the unsuspecting innocents?

May our good and benevolent Lord also help them in their healing process as they grieve your loss?

You will be remembered, it’s been 25 years since I lost the last of ten officers, I think of them every day while praying for they left behind each night and will as long as I live.

Now having known each of you I will add your families too may nightly prayers.

There is no greater pain, no deeper scare, than to have someone ripped from your life by evil.
You must trust that in the end that God will set all things right. Faith is the key to understanding that what happens in this life matters little.
It is your eternal life that matters the most.

Evil will always try to test our belief in the fact that our Lord has a safe and wonderful place for us in the future.
We must be strong and know that our brothers and sisters taken will be there to greet us when our watch ends.

The Lord has a special place at his table for the Guardians that protect those who can’t protect themselves.
As you go forth in your duties as servants of the public know and understand that what will sustain you throughout your career and life is a strong faith in God.

The absence of such faith will make your life as a Guardian a living hell. As you will never be at peace or able to understand the things that happen every day around you,
Trusting in the Lord our Savior is the key to having such an inner strength that life as a Guardian will be one of joy and peace. God bless those that protect the innocents.

To the officers of the Lakewood police department as you lay these four fine friends to rest tomorrow know that your loss is the loss of all people that believe in the rule of law.This last ten days should have showed you that the silent majority that supports you in your efforts opened up and spoke from their hearts.

As you go forth in your duties remember that to be drawn in and made cynical by this horrific event would be to let down these officers.

They lived their lives as good and decent family people. They were able to do their jobs and leave them at the door when they went home to their loved ones. They were people that understood that God was an important part of their lives.

You can honor them best by being good stewards of the law, keeping the faith and never going over to the dark side.

May the good Lord bless and keep safe.

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