I chatted with funny lady Siobhan Fallon (Men in Black, Baby Momma, 30 Rock) about her latest comedy, New in Town. The following is an excerpt from that interview and you can hear the complete audio on our website.

MM: So there was a discussion today at lunch about the origin of your name, some said German, others Italian.  

SF: It’s Gaelic. My mother actually saw a very famous actress from Ireland, Siobhan McKenna, a big stage actress, when she was pregnant with me. It means Joan in Irish.  

MM: I received a message today that New in Town was re-edited from PG-13 to PG.   

SF: Yup and it’s a beautiful story. Very Frank Capra style, middle America; in Minnesota. And my character is a Christian. And I think that they realized that the language didn’t go with it, because it is a great story for the family as well. So my hats off to the producers for acknowledging it and changing it late in the game, and maybe that’s not a hip thing to do, but to me it is.  

MM: Do you think we will see this trend more? Having films the entire family can see that isn’t just about an animated Penguin dancing around but has heart and depth. 

SF: Absolutely! How great for kids to see a film with real romance and real story and say, hey, it didn’t need swear words in it. After I saw the film in LA I told the producers, “I have a bone to pick with you! Why does there have to be that certain word in there.” They said the studio felt like more people would come if it is PG-13. I told them, the feeling is wrong. Then it seems many Christian papers and Catholic papers voiced their opinion as well. Because there are only like one or two swear words in there to begin with. And with that he (producer) called me that Monday morning and told me, “Guess what Siobhan, it’s PG”. I thought he was kidding. And I was thrilled about it. Just because people swear certainly doesn’t make them amoral. But, why not make things more highbrow? Why do we have to take the low rode? 

MM: Is it safe to say that this film is even more endearing due to the performance of Renee Zellweger?  

SF: Hugely! What is great about Renee is she is a very charitable and very generous person which comes through in her acting. When she is in a scene with you, she’s the star, but she will share and give you the laugh, if it’s your laugh which is truly unselfish and she has no ego. She is so charming and loveable. Renee is a very strong person and a great physical comedian. She does all the hilarious prat-falls and makes it so natural. It truly is a very funny film. 

New in Town opens nationwide this Friday January 30th, starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick JR. Rated PG for mild language.

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