Let’s face it; most Dane Cook movies are chick flicks.  They involve some guy falling for some girl, it not working out for eighty of the ninety minutes of the movie and then by some great display of affection he wins her back.

Yes I’ve just described every romantic comedy from “When Harry Met Sally” to “Hope Floats” and If I pitched that same premise to a Hollywood executive they’d already be casting Jude Law and Reese Witherspoon.  

But there’s something different about these movies when they involve Dane Cook.

Dane Cook may have made a career of yelling relatively humorous observations into a microphone in front of throngs or screaming women, but the dirty little secret is that he’s a half-way decent actor. In “My Best Friend’s Girl” he plays Tank.  His day job is a customer service rep who is so good at his job that he gets you to believe your problem has been resolved when in reality he has done nothing.  But it’s his night job that really grabs your interest.   When you’re on the outs with your girlfriend he takes her out on the worst date imaginable.  Distraught, she calls you up to get back together.  With Valentines Day only a month away some of you may be asking if this guy is available for hire.

Tank lives with his cousin/best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs) who is in love with his coworker Alexis (Kate Hudson) who thinks of him as just a friend.  When Dustin hires Tank to make him look good by comparison Tank accidentally falls for Alexis and Alexis is okay with that thus developing an isosceles love triangle.

We’re only half way through the plot, yes this is a chick flick with actual plot depth, and that sets up a very funny wedding scene at the movie’s climax.

While plot depth is great for giving the situation gravity and the characters a more realistic feel, it runs the risk of overly complicating and elongating the movie.  Two rather pointless scenes involve Tank’s father (Alec Baldwin) that if cut from the movie would not be missed at all and would speed up the third act.  Seriously, does anyone actually go to movies just to see Alec Baldwin anymore?

The chicken and egg paradox could probably be applied to the romantic comedy and date night. Which really came first?  While there is no shortage of arguments to answer that question “My Best Friend’s Girl” may be an agreeable answer on which movie to see.

Girls will love the romance and swoon over Dane Cook. Guys will ogle Kate Hudson and guys wish they could be Dane Cook and as far as date night goes, this movie fits the bill and has enough to offer both parties involved.  Hey, maybe those slow Alec Baldwin scenes would be a good chance to start your date night smooching!

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