I don’t generally write articles about bodily functions, I stick to the body associated with the function. But this one was just too good to ignore.

As an editor of a news site I get a gazillion press releases every day. Most I do not read. This likely is the reason that one of my email accounts has almost 20,000 unread messages and my other account has 9,000!

If the title of the email doesn’t wind my crank, or the sender’s email address is not one I recognize, I just leave it alone.

This morning I checked my email and one caught my attention. What could an MVPee be?

I was in fits of laughter reading the release, my favorite being this:

We are very excited to finally unzip the curtain and show our new commercial. The message of cleaner urinals and urine free floors is important to both restaurant and bar owners as well as patrons. It is our mission to raise awareness about the benefits of keeping patrons on target when using urinals and keeping floors free of pee. We believe that humor is the best tool to promote the benefits of using MVPee custom scented funny urinals screens. We look forward to the release of the commercial tomorrow Monday, May 5, 2014,” says Dick P. Johnson, spokesman for MVPee.com urinal screens.

I just love the spoof of the spokesman’s name. Take your time and think about it, Dick P. Johnson. The person that created that ‘handle’ deserves a raise!

The commercial mentioned has been released on YouTube.

NOTE: not suitable for people that do not like toilet humor.

Simon Barrett

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