The Jaipur bomb blast is yet another challenge to the Muslims as a community. If over 100 persons have died in the serial blast, the blood of the victims is on the Muslim community from within whom the LeTs or HUJIs have found sustenance.

If genuine Muslims are embarrassed that the world is associating the word  “Muslim” with the word “Terrorist” and “There will be no peace in the world if Muslim religious fundamentalism is not eliminated” , they need to understand that the reason lies within the community. We are certain that the Jaipur blasts could not have been engineered without the “Fundamentalists” being actively supported by the “Local community”. If therefore terrorism is to be eliminated, action against the “Local Community” becomes inevitable.

This will of course start from “Religious Profiling” and its adverse effect cannot be eliminated. If “Genuine Muslims” (If such a community exists) want to remove the stigma around the religion, then they need to come out with an action plan of how they would cooperate with the authorities to find out short term and long term solutions to the problem.

Obviously, if left to the current Congress Government they would like to further divide the community for their electoral gains by posting “Muslim Officers” in “Muslim areas” and further alienating the Muslims from the general population. Unless genuine leaders emerge from the muslim community who believe in universal brotherhood and want to live peacefully in the world with diverse beliefs and take remedial stps,  it is not possible for the rest of the world not to consider a Muslim as a “Security Risk”.

Will there be a movement from Jaipur Muslims to erase the tag of “Security Risk” on Muslims?

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