By now it should come as no surprise that Islamic extremists aren’t content to peacefully live out their lives on holy Islamic soil, but rather insist that the entire world succomb to the joys of sharia law.  Nonetheless, the things some of them say and do never fails to amaze.  Nor can one fail to be amazed at the openness with which they are received into Western society in the name of extreme multiculturalism and free, open debate.

It would seem that no Western European country is free from the possibility of becoming predominantly Muslim by mid-century, if not by conquest, then by simple demographics.  European populations seem strangely averse to reproducing themselves while the attitude on that subject of the Muslim immigrants in their midst is basically no holds barred.

But that doesn’t mean that a little violence isn’t fully justified along the way of that seeming demographic inevitability and even the Emerald Island of Ireland is vulnerable, at least according to one Islamic extremist who recently spoke in Dublin.  The following excerpts come from an article in an Irish paper:

The flag of Islam should be flown over Leinster House, an Islamic extremist said tonight.

Speaking in Dublin before addressing a Trinity College debate, Anjem Choudray also reiterated controversial views that Muslim violence is justified in certain circumstances.

The British-born lawyer, 39, angered the Irish Government last year when he said that Ireland risked becoming a target for a 9/11 style attack because it allowed US war planes to refuel at Shannon Airport.

Mr Choudray said: “As a Muslim, I believe Islam is superior to every other way of life and that it can resolve all the social and economic problems that Ireland suffers from.

“And as a symbol of that, the flag of Islam should be flown over the Dáil.

“This is symbolic of the fact that all societies will be run better according to God’s law.”

Mr Choudray, who has visited Ireland several times, was invited by the Philosophical Society at Trinity College to debate Islamic violence with other speakers.

Referring to the US military stopovers at Shannon Airport, he said tonight: “If US warplanes are using Irish soil, then Ireland is seen as aiding and abetting the war on so-called terror.

“Ireland says it has a position of neutrality but I don’t think it is seen that way in the Muslim world at all.”

Mr Choudray also warned that the Pope must be careful with his public statements so that he doesn’t offend Islam.

And taking top honors for Mr. Choudray’s most harebrained remark: “As a Muslim, I believe Islam is superior to every other way of life and that it can resolve all the social and economic problems that Ireland suffers from.”

Sure, just look what it’s done for that vast swath of the planet that stretches from Morocco to Indonesia.  A wretched, ignorant, violent, poverty-ridden fever swamp from end to end.  That’s Islam for you: quashing human potential for 14 centuries!  Allahu Akbar!

And it can do the same for the Emerald Isle.

It would all be doubled-over, falling-down hilarious if it weren’t for two worrisome factors (in addition to the demographic one already mentioned): 1.) Europe’s inexplicable unwillingness to defend its own culture and heritage; and 2.) Islam’s aggressive tendencies combined with extreme irrationality and lack of moral boundaries (i.e., suicide bombings).

Suffice it to say, unless the West wakes up, its civilization, which has brought the world almost every blessing of modernity it enjoys, can be replaced in short order by something far less palatable.

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